How to Manage it all

Caregiver online workshop

 "How to Manage it all" is a guided online workshop empowering caregivers to support another individual with their Activities of Daily Living, and/or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.    

"How to Manage it all" provides paid and unpaid caregivers strategies to improve their ability to provide care.


We understand caregivers can be professional, family, friends and sometimes the role of a caregiver “just happens.” This training speaks to ANY caregiver and our goal is to help you succeed!   

Our Fall online workshop is available NOW until January 16, 2020.  Registration is now open! Don't miss your chance to be a better caregiver, sign up now!

This training is deisgned for people that can relate to one or more of the following:


  • Want to know characteristics of a Caregiver vs. Carepartner  
  • What to do when the role of a Caregiver “Just Happens” 
  • Need to learn how to manage Financial burdens
  • What are the Duties/Roles/Expectations
  • When the “Volunteering” wears out its welcome
  • How to avoid Caregiver Burnout