Musings of the Purposeful OT

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a profession that is often misunderstood.  Gain insight, learn useful tips and share some laughs and maybe even some tears with us each week!



Meet Emily Reilly OT, owner of Purposefully Home. 

24 - Going Local: ArizOTA state conference (LIVE) ft. Dr. Emily Reilly

 A lifestyle podcast for the home health occupational therapist and those interested in exploring it further. 

A live podcast from the ArizOTA event with a few brave participants (kudos Dr. Ruth Ford and Emily Reilly!) who weigh in to stir the pot of home health OT for the better.

Listen in here to episode 24 - Going Local: Learning, networking and leading from ArizOTA state conference (LIVE). What's your favorite way to be plugged in locally as a home health OT?  Click HERE to listen to the podcast.